Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Noah James

We have decided to name our next son, Noah James. He is due on August 26th and has been very active lately. Noah is not a family name, but neither is Truitt. We just like them. My parents were kind enough to buy us Noah's baby bedding so for all my girl friends out there, here's the beginning of the nursery. The bedding is from Kids Line and is called 123 Jungle. It has monkey's Elephants and Giraffes. I just painted the room today. The Accent wall is a darker, fresh green (Peter Pan) and the rest of them are a lighter green (vacation island). I think the room is turning out perfectly and I can't wait to get everything situated. It won't be long now! Less than 6 weeks.

My prayer for Noah right now:

I pray that when the world around you is void of faith in the one true God you will stand strong. I pray that as the eyes of the Lord roam this earth he will find that you have an incredible faith, even if you feel alone or persecuted because of it. I pray you will be a man of courage and dare to be a change agent in this world for Christ. I believe in you, and that you will move mountains with your faith. I'm already so thankful for what God has created you to be, and the blessing you will be to me, our family and the world. You will have the chance to do something completely daring with your life - to choose Christ. I pray you will. If you do, I pray you will be remembered, just like Noah in the bible, as a man not only of great faith but of action.

I love you already baby boy. - Mommy

window valance

Fun in the sun

This summer Truitt and I are staying cool by swimming at a friend's house or going to this fantastic sprinkler park in Collierville. It's free and all the sprinklers are set on a timer so Truitt can get in the mix when it's not spraying so hard. He loved it and so did I. (Notice that I left out the picture of me in my maternity swimsuit. He he.)

Toddler area where we spent most of our time

My sweet little surfer

Truitt is also enjoying the new swing set Grammy and Grampy gave us. Josh and Clark Packer built most of it together and then Josh finished it up with a neighbor's help. Truitt loves it and we are so thankful for this great gift. It's hot here in Memphis, but it sure gives us a fun place to play in the morning and evening. On the second day of building this swing set Truitt woke up and grabbed his plastic dancing Handy Manny tools and proceeded to march out the back door to offer his expertise. He took one step outside and said "Hey Daddy, I help!" It was a huge task to try and keep Truitt occupied while Daddy was near by and working with fun tools. : ) We are so blessed!

enjoying a ice-pop


more of the same
Daddy was exhausted, but I was so proud that he built this huge thing that I made him take this picture. : )

The back of the set. His little picnic table.

As Truitt would say... "Ta-Da!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is one of the babies

Truitt loves to tell stories. Some of them we understand and some of them we don't. We went to the zoo a while back and got to hear about the Giraffes from their keeper. We learned a lot about them and got to watch them eat from her hand. Very cool! Did you know that Giraffes have a heart the size of a basketball? They need one that big to pump the blood all the way up that long neck. Makes sense right? Well, we learned about the Giraffes that day, including the two babies, in a very memorable way. A few days later Truitt started telling a story and these were the words we were able to pick out - Giraffes...."mannas"...."apples"...."gass"..."loooooong net".... and "baby". Translation: We saw Giraffes eating bananas, apples and grass. They had long necks and there were two babies. When we ask him to tell us a story he normally picks this one and starts with the words "A story" (big sigh), and then the scenario above unfolds.
The other story he likes to tell is the one about Babe Ruth his daddy told him. He knows all the details, where the sound effects go and about the turtle that saw the home run ball and said "Yeah Ruth!" What? You didn't know there was a turtle in the story...well, you need to check your sources. : ) He has a great imagination. We are so thankful. Have a great day! Love, Kayci

Friday, July 10, 2009

Big boy bed

Truitt's old crib and bedding

Sleeping in his new bunk bed
Spaghetti night. Thanks for at least trying to use a fork. : )

Truitt has now started sleeping in his big boy bed. We are very proud of him and he is very proud of himself. He has figured out that he's not contained anymore and that's a little hard. Anyone have any advice on how to keep him in his bed when we are trying to get him down for nap time or bedtime? - Kayci
PS. We ate spaghetti last night and he was an adorable mess. He used a saltine cracker to scoop the spaghetti up and then almost none of it would make it to his mouth. Ha!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ross family vacation

all of us in a 15 passenger van making memories.

Went on a safari at Fossil Rim where you feed the animals out your window.
Jocelyn enjoying the guacamole at Joe T. Garcia in downtown Ft. Worth

Cousins riding a horse at a restaurant. Malaya, Jed and Truitt

Manatee upside-down eating lettuce at the Dallas Aquarium. Cool!

Josh, Truitt and I traveled to Texas last week for the Ross family stay-cation. Home base was Josh's parents' house in Decatur, TX and we visited all kinds of cool places during the week. Here are a few pictures. I will go into better detail later. Love, Kayci