Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Truitt's 3rd Birthday

These pictures are FAR overdue, but here they are. Truitt's party was a blast and we enjoyed a sports themed party while a large storm/tornado warning was sounding outside. : ) We still had Bev and Rick there from TX and a large crowd show for his party.

Everyone wore there favorite team shirts and in lieu of presents brought donations to Touch-a-life, a foundation that rescues children from slavery in Ghana, Africa. http://www.touchalifekids.org/ We started out playing several sports (baseball, golf, basketball, etc), all of which were supposed to be played outside, but due to the torrential down-pour were played inside. Then we had every child receive a medal and run through a victory line as we cheered their personal name. That was my favorite part!! We enjoyed hot dogs and chips, and then proceeded to beat the unbreakable baseball pinata. Truitt felt very special and enjoyed being the center of attention. Happy birthday sweet boy.

The pictures are all out of order. I did let the kids try to break the pinata before I wore my arm out trying to break it. Josh had to finally rip it open. : )

The unbreakable pinata!


Truitt and some buddies decided to take a break from eating and throw all his clothes on the top bunk!! Oh boy!

The victory line

Notice the weather channel on the TV.

Party favor bag. Note: Kids love whistles for favors... Moms don't.