Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Speaking at Pepperdine lectureship

The following is a post I wrote on 6/24, but I got in trouble for announcing it to the world before it was public knowledge. He received his packet yesterday so I figure this is my chance. Josh, I know you are embarrassed that I'm bragging about you on the Internet, but I just can't help it.
I'm so proud to be your wife. I'm proud of the husband, father and pastor you have chosen to be. This life is full of choices and situations and because you are humble and seek the face of God you have chosen wisely most of the time. : ) God is good in you.
Today, Josh was asked to be a keynote speaker at Pepperdine lectureship. I'm blown away at this opportunity. God has gifted you Josh Ross. I'm so proud of you and that fact that you are so humble about this.
I love the image painted with words by a well-known author about spiritual gifts- that in life we all play an instrument that we were made to play beautifully, with all our heart, loud and strong. So my word to you Josh Ross, is to play on.
Love, Kayci

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Visitors from New Zealand

left to right: Bonnie, Bailey, Troy, Emily and Taylor and baby on the way!

T at Chili's

Chilin' on the couch

Bailey and T in the pool

Guys night to St. Louis Cardinals game

Lunch at Big Foot Cafe'

The Sasquach burger - 4 lb. burger - couldn't finish it

Taylor's half

Highlight of Kayci's day - making s'mores at your table!!!

Josh and Robertsons went to civil rights museum and MLK memorial

Sunset from roof of Peabody hotel
Our friends, the Robertson's, came to visit us last week and we loved every second of it. They are currently missionaries in Auckland, New Zealand. They have three fantastic kids and one on the way!!! We met while Josh and Troy were serving a church in Ballinger, TX and have stayed best friends since. Thank you for coming to visit Robertson family. We loved it! Truitt really misses you. Love, Kayci and Truitt