Tuesday, July 31, 2007

San Antonio pictures

San Antonio Pictures

"Remember the Alamo!"

flowers at the Alamo

Friends for a lifetime

Josh, Kayci and T

Chris and Jenny Thompson

Matt, Jenna and Reese Cope

Monday, July 30, 2007

San Antonio

Just too cute! This shirt was given to us by a friend and the funny thing is that Josh was actually Prom King! HA! Happy Tuesday everyone. - Kayci
** Correction - Josh was not Prom King, but Mr. Poteet High School. This was announced at Prom and Josh wasn't even there. he he.

Trip to San Antonio

we visited the zoo and loved it!


Kangaroo - in honor of our outback friends



Thank you

Thank you for your prayers. Adrienne's father was honored and everyone was safe in their travels to Lubbock and back. He was an incredible man. Adrienne is doing well.

Josh and I took a trip with friends to San Antonio and we LOVED it! I'll put pictures up soon. Have a great day.

- Kayci

Friday, July 20, 2007

Praise you in the Storm

My best friend Adrienne lost her father this morning. He has gone on before her to glory and we know that he is enjoying his new marathon body. All of Adrienne's friends called him "The Admirable Man" in high school. He was definitely that, admirable. He loved his Savior and his family with a passion. He was an incredible man and I consider it a joy to have called him friend. He has battled ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease for too long and now he can rest in his creator's arms. If I had to face ALS I would only hope to handle it with as much grace and JOY as this man.

I've struggled with the idea of human suffering for a while now. I've had few friends that are close to me suffer at the hands of such a horrible disease. I will now join my best friend as she buries her father and cry like I haven't cried in a long time. I will still ask the same questions of "why so much pain" and "why such a God-fearing man" even though I've given up a million times to find the answers. I will still cry out to God in this crazy storm because I know that even when I don't feel like it, and when I don't understand I know this - my help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth and I will worship him. I don't have to have the answers and I don't have to worry if God is big enough to handle my questions. He is the I AM.

I didn't have long talks with Steve on a regular basis and I wouldn't have called him a second dad, but I did admire him because of the everyday things I saw him do. He took his family to church, conducted business as a CPA with the utmost character, he was generous, and spoke of his savior and how BLESSED he was even as the disease began to slur his speech. The best part, is that I see so much of Steve in Adrienne. She is strong and loving. She is generous and goes out of her way to tell her loved ones how precious and meaningful they are. She would go through fire to protect her family and she is madly in love with Jesus Christ.

It brings a smile to my face that Steve asked to see pictures of me while I was pregnant and of my new baby boy. Steve told me before he died that he couldn't wait to help build my mansion in glory. My answer today would be - I want a beautiful view of the throne and a room full of chocolate! Thank you Steve for leaving a magnificent legacy in my best friend, you will be terribly missed.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dreams do come true

Emily, Josh and Taylor

Best Friends - Troy and Josh

little T's 2 month birthday party

They are big UT fans
Hook 'em horns! (forgive me daddy)

Josh Ross is the best husband in the world! He has managed to surprise me time and time again. He gets a huge thrill at seeing my face and if he keeps this up I'll have a heart attack. Many of you know that our best friends, Troy and Bonnie Robertson and family, moved to Auckland, New Zealand. Josh and Troy partnered in ministry in Ballinger, TX before we both moved away. Troy is the youth minister at a church in Auckland and we have missed them terribly. Josh and I think about them at least once a day and sometimes cry over how much we miss them. Recently I had a dream that I was at the Kroger grocery store near our home and I saw the whole family on the cereal isle. Not the weirdest dream I've ever had, but this one was unusual.

So... two weeks ago on a Tuesday night I am chillin' at the house working on a puzzle in the wake of just having MANY visitors and being sick for the past 24 hours and Josh "locks his keys in his car" at Kroger. So I load Truitt up in the car and come to the rescue. Josh coaxes me into the store and I'm starting to think something is a little bit fishy when I round the corner to the cereal isle. From there it's like everything is in slow motion.... I hear a familiar voice say "Hey Kayci, what type of cereal do you want, this one or this one?" I stared in amazement and then matched the voice to the wonderful faces of the Robertson family!!!! I dropped everything, purse, phone, jaw, keys (thankfully not Truitt) and began crying immediately. They rushed in to hug me and I just hugged Bonnie for a good 5 minutes afraid that this was just another dream. WOW! They had been planning this surprise for me for a while.

The Robertson's weren't supposed to be in the USA until December. They had flown in hours before, were spending a couple of days with us and then off to family vacation in Colorado. We were so busy catching up and sharing our hearts that I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to so there will be more to come. I promise. WHAT A BLESSING!!! So, I got to spend some quality time with my great friends and the best part was watching them with my son. They loved on him like crazy, in fact they gave him a 2 month birthday party before they left. We shared prayer requests, ice cream, chili's and laughs before they left. I haven't wanted to freeze time so badly in a long time! So, since they have been checking the blog for their pictures in vain... here you go. You have officially made the blog! I love you guys! Enjoy your time in the states and know that my heart is full of JOY because of you. See you in DECEMBER!!!

PS. Truitt had his check up and he's 22 inches and weighs 10 lbs and 6 oz. He's in the 25th percentile and doing just fine! We are so proud!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

You're gonna love this

We had professional pictures taken a few weeks ago and you can view all the pictures online. This photographer in Fort Worth was awesome! So go, flood her website and see my sweet little boy in the nude.


Click Clients and enter rossnewborn as the password

Enjoy and let me know which one you think is your favorite.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Sorry I haven't been good at keeping the blog stocked with new pictures of T. We've been really busy with visitors and I was very sick yesterday. That picture of Truitt knocked out is pretty much an accurate representation. I'm back on my feet today and wanted to share a couple more pics.

We've realized that Truitt is a lover of people and has a heart for those that are hurting like his father does. He picked out this delivered shirt all by himself. Well, at least he pointed to it when we were in the store. :) Gap has a campaign called the RED campaign and it's raising money to help those effected by the AIDS epidemic in Africa. They are just solid shirts with words on them that include r-e-d in them. EX: Inspired, adored, delivered, etc...Truitt felt compelled to help this effort and decided to sport this lovely outfit for your viewing pleasure.

Ross Bed and Breakfast

We've enjoyed having family and friends come to see our little bundle of joy. Memaw and Papa came to visit again and Kevin and Sarah Campbell came this past weekend.
We visited the Water Wall again, this time with memaw and papa and relaxed by scrap booking and just hangin' out.
Kevin and Sarah came on Friday and we enjoyed our ritual of eating chocolate chip cookies and laughing hard, very hard. We enjoyed catching up all weekend and then they visited our church on Sunday morning. We loved introducing them to everyone!

That's the end of our busy season here at the Ross Bed and Breakfast. We have enjoyed all of our visitors and hope that those of you who visited experienced Christ in us while you were here. We believe in the gift of hospitality and have enjoyed sharing it with you.

We are so blessed.