Monday, August 31, 2009

10 days old

Martha - sister-in-law (but like a blood sister)
Keith - older brother

Today Noah is 10 days old. He is precious and happy much of the time. I did survive my first day yesterday by myself with both boys. I think I did pretty well. When my parents left on Saturday morning it took me a while for reality to set in - my mom and dad had left, the help was gone, they weren't on a quick run to the store. I cried my tears and took a deep breath. Josh HAS been a great help and there's no one else I'd rather raise a family with. Thank you Josh.
My brother Keith and his family (Martha, Reese, Anna Wren and Claire) came to visit all the way from Montgomery, Alabama! We loved having them here and it meant a lot that they came all that way. Thanks to all who have given food, time, prayers and gifts. My family has been blessed by your love. - Kayci

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The story in pictures

Thursday night we took Truitt out to Incredible Pizza for some family time

Last night as a family of three

Go time!


PROUD papa. born at 11:39am

That night when Truitt met Noah for the first time. Noah's gift to Truitt

"Hi oah, what doin'?"

"I hold him too"

Dressed to go home

Family of four - Surreal
welcome home party

Yummy cup cakes to celebrate and homemade ice cream

He's precious and trying to straighten out his days and nights right now. We are enjoying every minute, even the middle of the night. : )

Truitt's first day of school!! He had a great day!

He's part of the Busy Bee classroom this year.
He loves his lunch box. ha!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Precious Baby Noah

Noah James Ross
Born 11:39 am on August 21st
7 lbs. 15 oz
21 inches

More pictures to come. Overwhelmed with love for this sweet boy. God you are so good to me. Humbled, Kayci

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fabulous Baby Shower

Two Sundays ago our church gave Noah a baby shower. All of my best Memphis friends were involved and made me feel so loved and special. The food was great and the presents were many and precious. I'm constantly reminded how blessed we are. Thanks to all involved with pulling the shower off, those that were able to come and those that sent a gift. I hope we all get to meet little Noah VERY soon. Just 8 more days until my due date!! Yippie! Love, Kayci
PS. I finished writing all of my thank you notes in a week!! I'm so proud of that. It took me a year to write my wedding notes. : )

Very pregnant - this was yesterday.

Beverly Ross (Mother-in-law) flower pinned on by a cute little paci clip

Jennifer Boring MADE those animals and they will be decor in Noah's nursery

best cake EVER! Costco's white cake with buttercream filling - YUMMO

again, incredible cake

All my wonderful hostesses -
back row - Stacy, Cari Beth, Lara
front - Jennifer, Ashley, Lawryn, Elizabeth

Even the chocolates were little animals. So cute!
I think I'll hang this outside our hospital room when we actually have him
I have such creative and fun friends.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not so little Truitt

I have 10 more days until my due date and I'm ready to have this baby! While I'm waiting, I'll consider the time I have with just Truitt a gift. He is such a sweet boy. Here are some recent pictures. I'll post pictures of the baby shower last weekend soon. Love, Kayci

Ready to catch with his glove while Grammy hits the ball

He can really hit that ball! "Truitt's turn!"

Swingin' for the fence

Welcome to the car wash. Yes, he lines them all up himself.

He loves the movie Cars and now loves to spray and wipe his cars down on our back patio

The incredible gift I received at the church Shower last weekend. The Graco Quatro Duo stroller! I know, your envious aren't you?

Truitt had to go for a ride around the living room after having eaten an Oreo. : )

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Belly pictures

As requested, here I am big and pregnant. I am due two weeks from today. Woo Hoo! - Kayci