Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Truitt and Noah's school program

Truitt and Noah performed their end of the year program last night. It was adorable. The theme was a Carnival and they had a blast! Noah's class song was "Dance like an animal". Every child dressed as an animal and Noah was a monkey. Truitt's class had a western theme and they danced to the song "Ice Cream Freeze". Both boys really know how to dance and and enjoyed being the center of attention. : ) I am so proud of them both.

Truitt is front and center, riding his horse. : )

This pose is for the line in the song..."now lets chill"

We love Mrs. Carol - one of Truitt's teachers.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Truitt's 4th birthday party

Truitt is 4 years old on May 5th…4 years old! I can’t believe it. He brings us so much joy. He’s a funny kid that makes us laugh all the time. He loves music and enjoys dancing and performing. He’s smart and very observant. He is an awesome big brother and has a sensitive heart for others. What a blessing Joshua Truitt Ross is to my life!

Sunday was the much anticipated birthday party at Chuck e. Cheese’s. Last year we held our mostly out-door oriented party indoors because of an awful storm that later went on to cause the Nashville flood. This year we hoped for better…nope. We drove through a severe thunderstorm to get to the party and then listened to tornado sirens up until 10 minutes before the party started. : ) Almost everyone came to the party and Truitt had a great time. We found that he LOVES the games, but did not care for the life-sized mouse. Happy birthday Truitt!

Truitt and Logan
Best Buds - Truitt, Logan and Josh
He loved the horse game. Always so serious.
He did not like the truck...neither did Noah.
Logan, Truitt, Josh, Caleb, Kayla, Evelyn, and Noah

Yummy ice cream cake!
When Chuck e. came out Truitt went nuts. He was deathly afraid of him. Our hostess is begging him to participate. HA!
Truitt stayed in my lap until Chuck e. left the room.

"Stay away from this kid"
Truitt wanted to know where he was at all times.

Evelyn hiding from Chuck e. under our table
Caleb, Truitt and Logan

Dad caught quite a few tickets in the Ticket Blaster