Friday, January 21, 2011

Noah's First Haircut

Today I did the un-thinkable; I took my boys to get their haircut...simultaneously. It was fantastic! Truitt settled in to his chair and watched Mater's Tall Tales on our portable DVD player. All the while, Noah was perfectly still and quite eating a sucker during the whole event. WOW! I will make sure to have 5 suckers at the ready every time we do this. : ) My boys are just so handsome!!

This is awesome. I NEVER get these at home.

This is really good. What do they put in this thing?

I think i just swallowed some of the stick

I'm finished? Great, can i get another one of these?

Truitt's new "Super Duper Fast" shoes

Action shot

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Last night it snowed about 4 inches. Noah and Truitt both suited up in their Cowboys gear and enjoyed the snow with Daddy.

Noah - 1 year 4 months, Truitt - 3 years 8 months

Our backyard

saying "Hi" to our neighbor

After about 10 minutes...this isn't so fun anymore

Our Cove

Of course, Mommy was inside with her new heater. : )