Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pictures of Truitt

Here I am wearing daddy's shirt from when he was little like me. I guess I'm a Joshua too, Joshua "Truitt" Ross.

My very first package in the mail addressed to me!!
Thanks Memaw and Papa Rog

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Girls Reflecting Glory

Friday night before the conference

Saturday night after the conference. So fun!

I had a great weekend speaking about Jesus to about 600 girls at a conference called Girls Reflecting Glory. The conference is run by an amazing team of people and I'm humbled that they asked me to participate. I co-spoke with one of my college friends, Jennifer Cooke, and she was sooooo amazing! She has a depth that I've seen in very few people. The conference began on Friday night and then ended on Saturday afternoon. The theme was Overflow - "from the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks" What a great theme! I mainly spoke to the middle school girls that were there. I had a blast and made some new friends while I was there. The best surprise of the weekend was my best friend Adrienne and her husband Nathan drove down from the Dallas area to hear me speak. WOW! Now that's friendship. : )

Josh wins the best husband ever award for allowing me to do this, and to pretty much be a single parent for the weekend. I loved it and I'm thankful the girls had a chance to open their hearts to the Lord and see what he has to sayabout the overflow of their hearts. I'm humbled by being an instrument in his hand. It was a great weekend, but I'm exhausted. Here are a few pictures. Love you all, and thanks for the prayers. - Kayci

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My little man

It's cold in Houston!

He had pulled the string to eat it and pulled it over his eyes.

He was stumbling everywhere. We laughed pretty hard.

That is a boy after his mom's heart!

Truitt is growing like crazy. He is crawling, babbling (loudly) and pulling up. Here are some pictures to enjoy. Love, Kayci

Not about me

Today was my birthday. I'm 27 years old and encountered a painful truth, it's really not about me. I normally get to chill, sleep in, go out to eat, talk to friends on the phone, etc on my birthday, but not today. I woke up as usual to take care of little T and by the time Josh got home I was still in my PJs, no makeup, whipped from a temper tantrum Truitt decided to give me and I had dried carrots in my hair. This is the life! I kept trying to tell Truitt that I understood that two bones are trying to break through the swollen skin in your mouth is painful, but honestly I don't remember it being all that bad, and IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

When I attended ACU one of my friends, Lauren, passed on a birthday tradition that I've kept ever since. I try to find some alone time to reflect on the year. Have I grown? Do I look more like Christ? Have I made a difference in this world? What are the highlights of this past year? I've always enjoyed this reflection time and today I received a large piece of humble pie! I'm thankful for Truitt for sure, don't hear me complaining. He IS my perspective most of the time. I feel so blessed to be his mother and to see my husband's features all over his face. God, you have been so good to me! I did receive flowers today, Chili's fajitas (my favorite), a snickers bar and the chance to get out and go to Bible study.

Jesus, I must become less, so that you may become more.

- Kayci Joy

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Like my hat?

It's a little chilly here in Houston this week and all of his hats are too small, so when I bundled him up for church last night he had on a little stocking cap that was too tight. One of the nursery workers, Elizabeth, sent this new hat today for him to keep his ears warm. Too cute! So sweet Elizabeth! We love you! - Kayci and Truitt

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I can't wait to open presents!!!

I can get pretty loud, wanna hear?

We had a fantastic Christmas and New Year's Eve. Truitt and I spent the entire time in Decatur, TX with Josh's family. Miraculously the gifts all fit in our car and we arrived back home in Houston safe and sound. Some highlights of the trip were seeing Truitt on his first Christmas, watching cousin Jed sing and clap to "Shout Hallelujah", Malaya's new talents and stories, B and Papa, our Christmas Eve game, catching up with Adrienne, sweet tea and FUDGE! I am so thankful to be part of a family that loves me so much, even though I'm not a blood relative. Thank you for your hospitality Bev and Rick. I love you so much and can't imagine life without you. Enjoy the pictures. - Kayci