Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I just feel numb. I can't believe my sweet Jenny is gone. Everything happened so fast. I don't even know what to write in this moment, but I feel enormous pain. I will write more later, but just know that the Ross family still needs your prayers. Thank you.
Any information you'll need to know is posted on the carepage.
It will be streamed live at 1 pm on the website below.

Josh will be doing most of the service.

Jesus, I still believe in you. You are still God and I trust you will hold me in the midst of all this pain. I wish you didn't trust me to mourn for your glory. I'm gonna need some major strength on this one. Give me the strength, wisdom and discernment to be what my husband needs of me today, tomorrow and the days to come.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Jenny Bizaillion

I write today with a heavy heart. My sister-in-law, Jenny Bizaillion (yes, like a million bizillion), was hospitalized on February 4th from what was thought to be the flu. That night we found out that the diagnosis was severe sepsis, an infection in the blood. When you have an infection in your blood it can quickly get ugly. You can read the whole story on her carepage website.

Jenny is Josh's older sister and a mighty woman of God. We have cried out to God for weeks now and he has performed miracles right before our eyes. This experience has been an awful roller coaster, but we have no choice but to hold on. I have witnessed my husband utterly broken at her bedside, on his knees with tears streaming. I have heard the sobs of a faithful mother praying, begging for her child's life. I have seen the unfailing love of a husband that can't imagine life without her. The list goes on...

We are exhausted in every way. We long to have Jenny back. We will be returning soon to see her. Her situation has worsened recently. The sepsis has moved to her brain. This information makes my stomach turn and my heart break. The anthem for this whole situation has been the song Mighty to Save. We have sung it over her time and time again. I find myself singing it in my car, home, shower when I just can't find anymore words to pray. Please pray on my behalf. We do serve a God who is mighty to save. For his GLORY he can save her!

Last night I went through my old texts and thought I'd share some of her words with you:

written after Christmas celebration -

"I love you precious sil!! (sister in law) It always pains me to leave your boys...tears have been shed!! (of course you and josh too but I got a special thing for T (truitt) and N (noah) : ) You are an awesome Momma!!"

written a few days before she got sick -

"I just ate a huge snickers in like 30 seconds and I did it all in honor of you!! I knew I needed to do that for you today : ) aren't you grateful??"

If you're reading, please go to the carepage and pray specifically for the requests mentioned.

My prayer today:

Lord save her. Oh GOD I pray you'll do it soon!!! I trust you God! You are holy and righteous whether you grant my request or not. I will CHOOSE to praise you in this storm. I will sow in tears (psalm 126: 5) God, you have told us to cry out to you so I will BEAT DOWN YOUR DOOR begging you to save her. Why? For your glory to be revealed. Please don't make me mourn for your glory. God, have mercy.

- Kayci