Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of school 2008

Me and my lunch box

Isn't he handsome on his first day of school?

Truitt started Mothers day out school today. His teachers were so happy he came! He'll go every Tuesday and Thursday. Since I was raised by two teachers education is VERY important to me. I was so excited that I giggled several times at meet the teacher night. : ) These are some of the things he's learning about this week and in September during "circle" time.

Color of the month - Red (Elmo, apple, fire trucks)

Shape of the month - Square

Nursery Rhyme of the month - Jack and Jill

Bible Story of the month - Creation

And tons of songs (he loves music and dancing)

I didn't cry when we dropped him off, but I'm sure I will when it's time for Kindergarten!

My prayer is that he'll mind his manners. - Kayci

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Post vacation de-tox

What have you done with GRAMMY!!!!!!

Wearing the present we got him from Disney World - mickey shirt and crocs
They have Mickey holes!

He's playing under the chairs in his batman outfit.

We returned from the beach last Monday. Josh and I had a great trip with our friends, the Graves, while Truitt stayed with his Grammy and Grampy in Texas. (Josh's parents)
While in FL, we went to Disney World and loved it. We brought T back a super cute Mickey shirt and the most adorable crocs you've ever seen! When I showed him the Mickey shirt he walked over and open-mouth kissed mickey right on the lips. : ) It didn't take long for Truitt to realize that something was terribly wrong with our house, Grammy and Grampy were missing. He has been horrible since we got home and after the third day I called Beverly and asked what the deal was, this was her response, "Oh, that's easy, carry him all day long and give him whatever he wants!" OOOOOOH now I see. I think most of it is now out of his system.
We went to our first "meet the teacher" night last Thursday and we can't wait to start school. Truitt is a monkey in SVC Mothers' day out program and I was down right gitty hearing about all that he will learn and the friends he will make. I'm going shopping for a lunch box tomorrow!
Lastly, we enjoyed a visit from our friends Kevin and Sarah Campbell last week. They came all the way from Abilene, TX and we loved every minute we had with them. They are some of our dearest friends and we are blessed to have them in our lives. Thanks for coming guys!

Whew, it's been a crazy week. I'll have more pictures for you soon from our vacation and Truitt's first week of school. Love, Kayci and Truitt

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sippy cup

sippy cup success

little cardinals fan - he's hit himself with that bat many times already

in trouble - don't miss the one he's chewing on

Monday, August 4th, will forever go down as a happy day in my life. I have been trying to get Truitt to take a sippy cup for months and he finally gave in. I guess it just had to be his idea for him to do it. (I don't know anyone else in his family like that, do you? : )) I snapped a picture so that you could see his sweet little face. Aww! The mothers' day out program asked that he have a sippy cup, so I have been racing the clock and beat it by two weeks. He also has a doctor's appointment today with Dr. Bubba, yep that's his nickname, so I'll update you on his growth.

I love all of you that read this blog. Thank you for staying in touch. Let me know you're out there so I can tell T that you're checking in on him. Love, Kayci and Truitt

Friday, August 1, 2008

Look at my muscles

New trick: flexing so hard that he shakes. HA!

yes, this outfit even has a cape

Sitting in his favorite chair from great uncle poncho

cousins came to visit for a day
Uncle Keith, Truitt, Anna Wren, Claire, Reese and Aunt Martha

The cutest flip flops EVER - Thank you Miss Jenny Thompson.