Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Truitt's First Snow

Our front yard this morning
Very first encounter with snow! Funny he wore his snowflake pjs last night. : )
Not exactly knowing what to do with snow

saying "snow"

our front yard before we left for school

The community swing set next to our house.

Girls' trip in Paris, TX. Left to right: Jaymie, Tamara, Kate, Kami, Beth, Mindi and me. Not pictured here - Mary, she had to leave early. There are about 15 of us, but not everyone could make it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Big News

If you haven't heard, we are pregnant! We are about 8 weeks along and I'm dealing with daily nausea. Through it all I'm still thankful for this child, but hopefully the nausea will cease soon. Our families are incredibly supportive and we are excited about bringing a new baby into the world around August 26th. I'll keep you updated as the story develops. We had a great Christmas in Lubbock, TX and then enjoyed time with Josh's family shortly there after. We had the pleasure of spending time with our dear friends, the Robertson family, who've just gained a newborn, Richard "Joshua" Robertson. He is precious and we are so proud of their whole family. Baby and mommy are doing great! Here are some random pictures for your enjoyment. One of my new goals is to be better at posting pictures on this blog so that I won't get scolded by Debbie Ketchersid when I visit home. : )
Love, Kayci and Truitt

Truitt on Christmas morning - he received a talking Elmo! He loved all his presents from cousins and family. He loves his drum set His first Mavericks game. They came to town to play the Grizzlies. The Mavs lost. His new dance move. He'll "wave his hands in the air, like he just don't care"... ... and then freeze and point at daddy or mommy. SOOOO cute!